St. Louis Jeweler: Brand Profile of TAG Heuer

Learn About TAG Heuer in St. Louis

Clarkson Jewelers’ excellent service and wide selection makes it one of the leading retailers of TAG Heuer in St. Louis. Today’s TAG Heuer timepieces tap into a 155 year history of class leading style, function and technology. Tough enough for astronauts, Formula One race car drivers and military pilots, a TAG Heuer is also at home on the golf course or in the board room.

The watch that you see at a retailer of TAG Heuer in St. Louis hearkens back to a small company founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860. By the 1880’s, he was already earning patents on new technologies that are still in use today in the world’s finest mechanical timepieces.

With the beginning of the 20th century, TAG Heuer began to build the brand we know today — one of activity and athleticism. In 1911, they patented the “Time of Trip” function for dashboard mounted chronographs and in 1914, they branched out into wrist chronographs. By 1916, they were making the world’s most accurate stopwatches — accurate to 1/100th of a second.

By the 1930’s, TAG Heuer’s timepieces found their ways into the hands of German air force pilots, and after World War 2, they started to offer more advanced chronograph timepieces with luxury features like gold cases in addition to the traditional stainless steel.

If you enjoy the art of driving, a TAG Heuer in St. Louis is a perfect choice. Since 1911, TAG has been making racing timers for in-car use as well as timing devices for Formula One races. In fact, their Carrera timepiece includes a stopwatch feature and was originally designed for competitive drivers to wear on their wrists. Over the years, TAG has made watches for such notable racing icons as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Shelby Cobra and British MG sports cars. Today, they maintain a close relationship with Formula One’s McLaren team.

In fact, the TAG in TAG Heuer has ties to automobile racing. Techniques d’Avant Garde, who made the ceramic turbochargers for certain Formula One racing vehicles, bought the Heuer watchmaking company in 1985, forming today’s TAG Heuer.

TAGs don’t only work on racetracks, though. As early as the 1950s, they were also making watches for mariners. They were also the first watch in orbit, since John Glenn wore one on his 1962 flight — the first manned flight to orbit Earth. Finally, the mid-1950’s Auto-Graphs had a special hand that could be easily used to track golf scores.

Today, your TAG Heuer in St. Louis ties you into a long history of performance and into a timepiece maker with a future of innovation. TAG continues to drive mechanical timepiece technology forward with models like the Mikrogirder that are accurate to 1/2,000th of a second. They are also now working with Google and Intel to create the world’s first true luxury smart watch. TAG also continues receiving design awards for pieces like The Carrera 1887 and timepieces like its golf watches.

The best way to experience a TAG Heuer in St. Louis is to see it for yourself and try it on. Clarkson Jewelers has the area’s best selection of TAG timepieces and a highly trained staff to help you make the best choice for you. Visit us today to learn more about these exquisite timepieces, or download our FREE Timepiece Buying Guide below.

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