Quick Guide to Bridal Jewelry In St. Louis


Bridal jewelry doesn’t stop with a wedding and engagement ring. Every piece you wear on your wedding day is an element of your overall look. As with every other part of your nuptial day outfit, striking the right balance can be challenging. Here are some tips for how to choose the right bridal jewelry in St. Louis.

Bridal Jewelry is Forever

As you select bridal jewelry in St. Louis, remember that you’ll probably see it again. Your wedding dress is something that you wear once and keep — you probably won’t be going to a dinner in it next year. The jewelry pieces will become part of your regular rotation, though. This carries a benefit — knowing that you will get to regularly wear reminders of your wedding — and a challenge in that you will have to choose pieces that you would want to wear every day. One strategy is to look for pieces that you’d wear every day, then narrow down based on pieces that will also look good with your dress.

Pay Attention to Color

While there is a great deal of room for individuality in your bridal jewelry, one rule should generally be followed — to match your metal to your dress. White dresses look best with platinum and white gold while ivory dresses pair beautifully with yellow gold and rose gold. Off-white gowns (also known as “diamond-white”) can work with just about any metal and are nicely highlighted by pearls.

Bridal Jewelry and Your Dress

Bearing in mind that it’s best to choose pieces that you will wear every day, you can also select pieces that will go particularly well with the look of your dress. For example, modern dresses can be complemented by looking for vintage bridal jewelry in St. Louis. You can enhance a v-neck with a pendant or pearls while strapless and sweetheart gowns frequently look best when you leave your neck unadorned but wear large chandelier earrings.

It’s Your Day

Regardless of every rule you see here, the most important one to remember is that it’s your day. If you have a pure white dress, but love yellow gold, go for it. Want to wear a pendant with a high-necked ensemble? You’ll be beautiful. Just want to keep it simple with a strand of pearls and diamond drop earrings or basic studs? Everyone will see how radiant you are.

The Right Purveyor of Bridal Jewelry St Louis

Your wedding day comes once in a lifetime. This also means that buying bridal jewelry in St. Louis is a once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately, some jewelry retailers know this and are more focused on short-term profit than on building a long-term relationship. Others, like us, know that a good bridal jewelry buying experience will turn into years of anniversary gifts, timepieces, and other purchases. We want to be your jeweler for your wedding day and for every day after that. Please visit us to see how we are uniquely different.

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