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Jewelry Advice: Building Your Jewelry Collection

Start with the basics! Once you’ve got the essentials, the key to building a timeless jewelry collection is to find pieces you truly adore. With few exceptions, the best jewelry should go from casual to career to coctails, but never out of style. All fine jewelry should be an investment with a lifetime of enjoyment.

Women’s Jewelry Basics: Diamond Stud Earrings, Strand of Pearls, Fine Gold Chain, Swiss-made Watch, Simple Gold Earrings, Classic Gold bracelet, and a Colored Stone Ring that Compliments your existing wardrobe.

Men’s Jewelry Basics: Swiss-made Watch, Gold Chain, Fine Writing Instrument, and Classic Cuff Links.

Jewelry Advice: Care & Maintenance

Polish your unmounted gold jewelry with a soft chamois cloth. This is an effective and inexpensive way to keep your jewelry shining clean.

While a home ultrasonic machine is also effective for gold jewelry cleaning, it is important to note that many gems should NOT be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine or harsh jewelry cleaning solution. Be certain to ask us about a specific gem before cleaning it at home with anything other than a polishing cloth.

If an ultrasonic machine is unavailable or inappropriate to use, carefully wipe your colored gemstone jewelry with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth after wearing. Store in a soft pouch if possible. Pearls should always be wiped with a soft chamois after removing them. This will wipe off all traces of perfume, cosmetics, or hairspray.

Never expose your jewelry to salt water or harsh chemicals such as cholorine or detergents, which can slowly erode the finish and polish of the gemstone. Also avoid allowing your gems to experience extreme change in temperature as well as contact with hair spray, perfume, and perspiration- all of which can cause jewelry to dull.

Remove your jewelry before showering or cleaning. In fact, all of your jewelry (especially pearls) should be put on after you have finished getting ready. Your jewelry should never be exposed to acid-based hair sprays, cosmetics, or perfumes. Contrary to popular belief, soap will not clean your jewelry. Instead, it will cause a film to form on your jewelry, resulting in a dull and dingy look.

Always store all jewelry in a clean, dry place. Preferably, each piece should be individually wrapped or placed in a soft container so that it cannot scratch against other pieces of jewelry. Pearls should be placed in a soft-lined bag or wrapped in tissue when putting them away.

Jewelry Advice: Repairs & Appraisals

Generally speaking, we recommend that you inspect your jewelry every six months and have it reappraised every two years.

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