7 Essentials to Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing the woman you want to spend your life with is the most important decision you’ll ever make. In that vein, buying the ring you’ll use to propose to her could be the most important purchase you ever make. If you’ve looked at diamond engagement rings, you know that the array of choices can be dizzying. Here are seven tips to help you narrow the field and find the perfect ring.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

You probably aren’t an expert at buying diamond engagement rings, so it’s okay to get some help. A reputable jeweler can be a great source of information. You can also talk to your future in-laws or your girlfriend’s friends to find out what she might like. Some couples even go ring shopping together. Whatever you do, remember that you want to buy her the ring that she wants to wear.

Your Intended Wife Already Knows What She Wants

Even if your soon-to-be fiancée and you haven’t gone ring shopping or if you haven’t discussed what kind of diamond engagement rings are right, you can still learn a lot by doing one simple thing — looking through her jewelry box. Her taste in jewelry will give you a good indication of what she will like in an engagement ring, so if you see nothing but yellow gold, you’ll know to look for a yellow gold ring, as an example. If everything is straightforward and simple, consider a classic solitaire setting.

Learn the Four C’s

Diamonds are graded based on four characteristics, all of which begin with C. Diamond’s sizes are measured in carats, their color is graded alphabetically, their cut is rated for its quality and their clarity is measured under magnification. Understanding those characteristics will give you the information you need to choose the right diamond based on what matters to you and your future fiancée.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

While there is still something impressive about a big diamond, simply choosing the largest one you can afford isn’t always the best way to go. First, you might end up trading off quality or shine for size. Second, there are ways that jewelry designers can enhance the perceived size of the stone through design tricks. Third, your fiancée might find a “too-big” rock to be ostentatious.

Choose Your C’s

Size is the most noticeable characteristic of a diamond, but it isn’t the only one. Once you’ve chosen the right size, there are three other factors. The better a stone’s cut, which means how close it is to its ideal proportions, the more radiant it will be. Stones with less color  not only show up as being more clear but also reflect more light, while stones with fewer internal flaws also are both more attractive and more reflective.

Add Some Color

If your fiancée wants something different, consider a fancy colored diamond. Natural colored diamonds are extremely rare which makes them unique. These diamonds come in a rainbow of colors, including blue, pink, red and intense yellow.

Get In Shape

Finally, realize that you have more choices in diamond engagement rings than those that just have traditional round diamonds. Each diamond shape shows off different parts of the stone and can look better on different people. Some are better with long fingers, while others make a stone look larger than it actually is.

Given all of these variables, coming into our store is an excellent way to start understanding diamond engagement rings. However, to supplement coming into our store, you can also request a copy of this year’s Clarkson Jewelers Magazine.

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