Jewelry Appraisals and Repairs


Clarkson Jewelers has been providing the Greater St. Louis area with superior jewelry appraisals and repairs since 1981. We understand that every piece in your collection has meaning, which is why we like to think of ourselves as your personal jeweler by treating your jewelry as if it were our own.
If you have jewelry that needs repair, feel free to drop by our store, call, or reach out to us using the form on this page. Our team of experts will professionally inspect each piece and provide recommendations based on their findings.


Keeping your fine jewelry in pristine condition and having it appraised every other year or so is a wise decision. Contrary to popular belief, your homeowner’s insurance does not always cover the cost of replacing your jewelry – an unfortunate fact that countless individuals do not discover until it’s too late.
When insuring your jewelry, we recommend asking your insurance company a few basic questions. In particular, you should determine the frequency in which your provider requires updated appraisals. You should also learn about their replacement process should the appraised piece become lost or stolen.
To make this process easier for you, Clarkson Jewelers always keeps a copy of your appraisal on file. This way, your insurance company may contact us directly with any questions related to your appraisal.


While we never truly “require” an appointment to visit our store, you’re welcome any time, we encourage you to contact us or use the form on this page to let us know when you might be stopping by and the nature of your needs. This will allow us to know when to expect you, and also to provide you the one-on-one care you deserve.

Let Us Know You’re Coming In!

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