A Brand Profile: The TUDOR Watch

The TUDOR Watch brand has worked hard to establish itself as the chronograph of choice for the well-off outdoorsman. From the crisp and simple TUDOR Heritage Ranger, to the TUDOR Fast Rider Chrono and rugged TUDOR North Flag, this timepiece consistently finds itself on the wrists of adventurers.

TUDOR has truly gained its place in the luxury watch market.

Terms of TUDOR’s Reemergence to Prominence

TUDOR has recently made a push to reestablish itself as a force unto itself in the marketplace of luxury watches. Over a decade ago, in 2004, the once prominent TUDOR disappeared from the shelves of American stores, in an apparently executive decision by the parent company Rolex. The details are murky, but what isn’t shrouded in shadow is their explosive rebirth in 2013 with the striking TUDOR Heritage Black Bay and self-winding Diver.

The TUDOR Watch Diver has an unmistakably elegant and uniform wine-red bezel that catches the eye and doesn’t let go. Gold-accented dials and a bear-brown leather strap bring the 1970s careening into the modern age – without looking out of place. As functional as it is arresting, the TUDOR Diver is water resistant to 660 feet.

On the heels of this chronograph’s success, just a year later in 2014, TUDOR released the brand-defining blue bezel version of their old Heritage Black Bay, complete with a matte-black dial and striking blue strap. Although it would be premature – as well as inaccurate – to say that TUDOR seems to be emerging from the long and luxurious shadow cast by Rolex, it does seem to be coming into its own as a distinct extension of the world-famous brand, targeted towards financially-confident youth.

TUDOR Men’s Brand

One look at the Pelagos Diver in sleek titanium is enough to sell the casual onlooker on TUDOR’s new commitment to excellence. It looks every bit the part of a higher quality timepiece; indeed, much of the distinction between TUDOR and more expensive brands comes in the relative simplicity of the former’s movements. There aren’t any tourbillon mechanical movements to be found among the TUDOR line of otherwise excellent chronographs.

The strength of the stand-alone TUDOR brand seems very important to parent company Rolex, as evidenced by the partnerships they’ve cultivated to bring their subsidiary to the masses. There’s the TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield, complete with ceramic case, and their partnership with world-renowned motorcycle maker Ducati. Indeed, TUDOR – using Rolex’s uber-successful sales, no doubt – has sponsored Ducati in the World Endurance Championship and International Motor sports Association IMSA, with the company brand name splashed all over the TUDOR Watch United Sportscar. The watch that was made to capture the spirit of the partnership is truly eye-catching with an understated elegance that also manages to exude the grace and power of a sports vehicle – specifically, a motorcycle. The TUDOR Geneve Chronograph comes in three sportscar-inspired colors, all with dials that are appropriately reminiscent of engine pistons.

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